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Helicast™ Grouted Helical Pile Installation in California

A proven helical pile system for deep foundation applications

Helicast™ grouted helical pile system in Sacramento

Helical pile systems are factory manufactured and designed to reach competent, load-bearing soil deep beneath the foundation. Generally, they consist of a central shaft, helix blades, and extension shafts to ensure proper depth and capacity are reached. But when the surrounding soils are loose, soft, or fluid, modifications to the typical helical pile design may be necessary to avoid buckling of the system.

The Supportworks Helicast™ Grouted Helical Pile System has several benefits over other solutions to address buckling concerns. NorCal Foundation Support is a professional installer of the Helicast™ System for commercial applications in Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Stockton and nearby.

To discuss whether the Helicast™ system is the right solution for your commercial foundation project, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Design details of Helicast™ grouted helical piles

The Helicast™ Grouted Helical Pile System utilizes a traditional lead solid square shaft with lead displacement plates, also known as helix blades. The plates are located at the coupler locations for each extension shaft, allowing soil to be pushed away while the system is advanced as far into the ground as necessary.

Grout is simultaneously poured to fill the hole created by the helical pile system, which creates a uniform grout column because of the even disbursement of identical displacement plates. The grout reservoir gives needed stability to the entire system when surrounding soils are not a sufficient anchor.

Grouted helical piles in Sacramento

The grout reservoir surrounding the Helicast™ pile gives this system its signature stability.

Benefits over traditional helical piles 

In certain applications, the addition of a grout column and the use of the Helicast™ system can yield several benefits for deep foundations:

  • The grout column not only offers an answer to buckling in poor soil profiles, but it can also provide protection against corrosion of the system.
  • Grouted helical piles make use of friction alongside the end-bearing capacity of regular helical piles, and the combination makes for a sturdier system overall.
  • Helicast™ piles can be installed with greater ease and in smaller areas than traditional systems.
  • Helicast™ piles may be able to achieve capacities exceeding 100 kips, compared to the 65 kips of regular helical piles; they may be a less costly alternative to other similar options.

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