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Floors Stabilized with Smart Jacks in Stockton, CA

Elizabeth H. in Stockton noticed her floors sagging towards the center of her house. She went searching for solutions and found NorCal Foundation Support. Shortly after her decision to get her floors fixed, she called to make an appointment.


Her appointment with the Solution Design Specialist from NorCal Foundation Support followed shortly after her call.  She was informed during the appointment that the floors of her house could be stabilized permanently with SmartJacks. 


This process would even out, lift, and stabilize the houses floors. Elizabeth thought that the SmartJacks sounded like the perfect solution to fix to her floors. The SmartJacks would lift the floors back to being level and keep them level. 


Elizabeth is now extremely happy with her house.  She feels good knowing her floors will be supported by the installed SmartJacks for years to come.

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